Intermodal Service Provider

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We design solutions to maximize the value and performance of your intermodal terminal.



If you’re a railroad, shipper, cargo owner, equipment provider, or trucking company, you understand that a high-performing intermodal terminal is critical to delivering for your customers.

As an intermodal service provider, ITS ConGlobal’s long-standing intermodal expertise runs from in-gate to out-gate, terminal-to-terminal, and pick-up-to-delivery. We use this expertise to anticipate terminal needs, keep containers moving, and deliver on the expectations of your customers, employees, and those who visit your facility. Now and in the future.

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Railcar Loading and Unloading

Our railcar loading and unloading services include intermodal trailers and intermodal containers. Our experts have a deep understanding of all service types (domestic truckload, LTL, Parcel, International IPI), are skilled at developing resource and operating plans to match train service plans, and can skillfully operate all kinds of lift equipment.

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Railcar Switching

Full-service expertise for intermodal, automotive, and industrial switching. Our in-facility and plant services include receiving and delivering cars to interchange points, spotting, pulling, spacing, classification/purification, and train makeup.

Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

We can maintain or repair all makes & models of cranes, yard trucks, chassis, containers, and trailers, including refrigerated units. We can even turn your containers into an office, workspace, living space, storage unit (and much more) through our container modification program.

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Terminal Design & Maintenance

Whether your facility needs maintenance, repairs, or a brand-new operation design, we’ll use know-how and advanced capabilities to get the most out of your terminal operations.

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Drayage and Last-Mile Delivery

Our transportation team moves containers between ports, rail ramps, and shipping docks, boosting your productivity.

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Inventory Management

We’ll help you move more freight through your terminal by updating your inventory in real time with our exclusive mobile inventory management system

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Checkpoint Operations

Our next-generation checkpoint solution,, reduces truck and driver idling time at the gate, proactively identifies productivity-killing equipment exceptions and keeps terminal experts focused on production moves.